Posters for Teenage Boys

posters for Teen Boys

Many teenage boys like to decorate their room or corner of the room to let their personality, interests, or dreams show through.

Sports are a common passion for many teen boys, so I am featuring some different sports posters that he may like on his wall. Teen boys are also often very interested in movies, so there is also a section featuring some popular movies from 2013. Finally, boys may have a fascination with fantasy. And the current craze seems to be zombies (much to some parents’ despair).

Here are some posters from different categories to get you thinking about what may suit your teenager.

Sports and Motivational Posters for Teen Boys

If your boy is into sport, chances are that he has a favorite sports team. Now because there are so many teams to choose from, I can’t show you all the posters on this one page. So I am including links to a page where you’ll find a list of teams or players on the left hand side of the page. Then you’ll be able to click on them to see posters of favorite players. Choose your sport…

NFL Football Team Posters MLB Baseball Team Posters
NBA Basketball Team Posters Hockey Player Posters

There are also other sports posters which may inspire him. Here are some of the variety available…

MotocrossMotocrossBUY NOW

Possibilities: Surfer Possibilities: Surfer BUY NOW

Persistence: Snowboarder Persistence: Snowboarder BUY NOW

MotivationMotivationBUY NOW

Movie and TV Posters

What is his favorite movie? A poster on his wall of his favorite movie will make his room more personal for him.

Star Trek - Into Darkness - TeaserStar Trek – Into Darkness – TeaserBUY NOW

The Hobbit-GandalfThe Hobbit-GandalfBUY NOW

World War Z Chopper Movie PosterWorld War Z Chopper Movie PosterBUY NOW

Iron Man 3 (Crouching)Iron Man 3 (Crouching)BUY NOW

Wolverine No.55 CoverWolverine No.55 CoverBUY NOW

Hunger Games-AimHunger Games-AimBUY NOW

Doctor Who Tardis- Metallic PosterDoctor Who Tardis- Metallic PosterBUY NOW

Star Wars - Empire Needs YouStar Wars – Empire Needs YouBUY NOW


Zombie Posters

Zombies are on the rise again – I mean in popularity – probably due to recent tv series and movies.

Identify a ZombieIdentify a ZombieBUY NOW

Warning Zombies Inside Warning Zombies Inside BUY NOW

Keep Calm and Kill ZombiesKeep Calm and Kill ZombiesBUY NOW

Zombie - We are Going to Eat You Zombie – We are Going to Eat You BUY NOW

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