Gifts For 9-10 Year Old Boys

Gifts For 9-10 Year Old BoysBoys at nine or ten years of age are still obviously children. The big change for them is that they are beginning to acquire more friends and expand their social life. They remain very much influenced by their parents and guardians and are beginning to make bigger decisions with their families (e.g. where to go on vacation). This age is often called “middle childhood”, although they are not so far away from the pre-teens.

Boys at this age are reasonably easy to buy for. They are still interested in many types of toys and are often quite keen to do hands-on activities such as crafts, building and construction. As a general rule of thumb, 9 and 10 year old boys are intrigued about how thing work, and so science experiments and magic tricks make great gifts.

And of course like most every other boy on the planet, they enjoy electronic gadgets and video games. There is a wide variety of suitable games for this age available.

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