Gifts for 17-18 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 17-18 Year Old BoysIf you are looking for a gift for a 17 or 18 year old boy you’ll find a host of ideas here.

By this time in a boy’s life, much of the “troubled teen” issues have resolved themselves and he is getting ready to start off on his own life. He may be going to university, or starting a job soon. He may even have a part time job now as he finishes secondary school. Thus, buying for this age can be more practical if you like.

Young guys somehow find a way to get a car. Either they drive one their parents had, or they get one to fix up. Even if they are some of the lucky few who get a new car, they are always looking for ways to “pimp their ride” (spruce it up). Anything from gadgets, waxes, rims, and seat covers are possibilities.

The one thing that makes buying gifts for this age fun is that young men usually have many interests. As they begin their adult lives, they are enthusiastic and physically able to try almost anything. They like technology and the fast pace that goes with it. With a little detective work on your part, you can discover what his preferences are and pick gifts you know he will enjoy.

Here are some ideas to help you think about what gift you may want to select for him. Click on the categories below.

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