Building and Construction Gifts for 13-14 Year Old Boys

Building and construction kits will not be every 13 or 14 year old’s cup of tea (or should that be “can of coke”?) but when I asked a 14 year old boy at church for his suggestions for gifts, Lego was at the top of his list. There are still some boys this age who enjoy the challenge of following instructions and constructing something quite substantial. In fact, Lego is not just for little kids – there are many sets which are designed for 16 years and up. Each boy is different. I would suggest that you only buy Lego for a teenager if you know that it’s something he is into.

LEGO Minecraft

Two great construction games meet!

LEGO Minecraft

The perfect set for fans of Lego and Minecraft – a super popular online virtual world where you build worlds using blocks. Contains 480 pieces.

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LEGO for 13-14 Year Old Boys

The sets featured here are quite complex and are not recommended for younger kids. They are more suitable for this older age group.

LEGO Shuttle ExpeditionLEGO Shuttle ExpeditionBUY NOW

LEGO Sopwith Camel BiplaneLEGO Sopwith Camel BiplaneBUY NOW

LEGO Star Wars Death StarLEGO Star Wars Death StarBUY NOW

LEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-ATLEGO Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-ATBUY NOW


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