Gifts For 13-14 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 13-14 Year Old BoysAre you looking for a gift for a thirteen or fourteen year old boy and are at a loss for what to get? Or maybe you have an idea and just need a couple more suggestions.

If you are trying to find a good gift for a young teenage boy, you have quite a task ahead of you! The main problem is that some boys this age are still like children of 10 or 11, and others are quite mature. So the first thing you need to figure out is where the boy you are shopping for fits in on the so-called “maturity scale”.

We all know that most boys of this age are fascinated (do I dare say, obsessed?!) with anything electronic. So you’ll find a couple of categories devoted to these types of gifts. But there are also non-electronic ideas too.

On this page you’ll find a great selection of Christmas or birthday presents for the young teenage boy. Check out the suggestions here – sorted by gift type. If you need more inspiration, check out the tips below.

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Five Tips to Help Find the Perfect Gift for a Boy Aged 13-14

There are a few things you may want to consider that generally apply to boys in this early teen age group:

  • Target his interests: At this age, most boys have a clear interest in something. Usually it is music, or technology. But it could be art, performing arts, skateboards, or cars. Many boys at this age especially like the outdoors. But their interests can be about really anything. This is an age when inquisitiveness and creativity begin to emerge. By now you can tell if a boy is active or more of an intellectual. If you can, try to see what the boy’s main interest in life is (besides girls!). Once you know this, finding a gift will be a lot easier. Some examples of interests may be: model building, puzzles, computers and technology, a particular sport, reading, outdoors activities, magic tricks, cooking, design, carpentry and video games.
  • Remember that this is the age of peers and social status. Keep in mind when and where this gift will be received and who will be around in the boy’s life. If his friends are going to be there, that may change what you give. If you have an idea about what to give, and are the least bit doubtful how it will be received in the presence of his friends, then buy another gift he can open in public. You can always give another gift in private.
  • Avoid cash: It is true that kids this age live in a different world most know nothing about. Yet, in spite of that, giving cash or a gift card is very impersonal, even to a teen! Take a shot at picking something out. Buy from a place where he can exchange if he wants, but tell him he is important enough that you actually selected an item for him. Believe it or not, boys have feelings! Yes, it is true!
  • Be Careful With Stereotypical Gifts: Stereotypes exist because often there is some truth to them. But be advised that not all boys like sports, cars or clothing items that are plaid! More than you may realize have zero interest in these things. Do not fall prey to this tactic without doing your homework. If you have no way to know what to buy, try something that is ageless that he and others can use together, like a Frisbee or a Rubik’s Cube.

With all of this in mind, it is still true that everyone enjoys getting a gift. This is one fact that remains true in our digital age! With just a modicum of thought and preparation on your part, you can find a gift that will be awesome – whether it’s for your son, friend, grandson, nephew, or boyfriend!