Gifts For 11 to 12 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 11-12 Year Old GirlsIn case you missed a few episodes, girls are different than boys. Yes, it’s true! This means that the kinds of gifts you may select for them will be guided by different information.

There are as many choices of gifts for girls as there are for boys, so here is a selection of birthday or Christmas gifts for 11 or 12 year old girls. Of course you will find many different personalities, ranging from girly-girl to tomboy, so take care when choosing your gifts.

Choose from the following categories or scroll further down to get five tips to guide you as you decide what to buy for your tween.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Gift for an 11 or 12 Year-Old Girl

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way through all the possibilities:

  • Girls Can Sit Still: One of the trademarks of this age is the ability to sit calmly with sustained focus for long periods of time. Most girls aged 11 or 12 are able to sit quietly for hours drawing, reading or fully engaged in detail-oriented tasks. The more intricate and detailed the task, the more attractive it seems to be! Girls this age love large puzzles, even the 3-D kind are not too hard for many. Other examples are coloring sheets and marker sets with ornate abstract designs to color, detailed jewelry crafts, sewing, reading long books, board games, and software like Corel Paint Shop or Photoshop.
  • Patience Makes the Girl: Most girls have unending patience with younger kids and animals. They will gladly spend hours at the park training a puppy or spend an hour with a colicky child. Often, they have begun to babysit and love the care-giving role. This means that any gift idea that requires a learning curve and patience is a great fit. Most girls will not give up. They will hang in with it until they “get it”. Some example gift ideas are: fingerprint kits, books with cat’s-cradle designs, tennis or table tennis, darts, a basketball hoop and ball, large puzzles, and Sudoku books.
  • Let’s Rap!: Girls’ verbal skills tend to develop earlier than boys. They generally love to talk and are not shy about it. So games that are social and require them to think of things and blurt them out are good. They also like to write, so the traditional physical diary or setting her up with a blog would be well received. You may also consider a video camera where she could create a video blog (vlog).
  • It’s All About Her Friends: Girls have friends, usually many of them. While it may be true that “girl drama” happens often in her life, the bottom line is she has a lot of friends. With peer groups come pressures to keep up with current trends; not huge world-wide trends, but those that she experiences in her self-contained life. This may be the kind of pens used at school, a bracelet brand or color, hair accessories, notebook and binder trends, back-packs, shoelaces and jewelry. One brand that has weathered generations is Sanria aka Hello Kitty. Any gift from this shop will delight. Hello Kitty is the epitome of “cute” for girls this age. You can let that standard guide your own choices.

If you are not sure what is “in” in your neighborhood, go to a mall on a Saturday afternoon and take a peek in at Clare’s Stores or other accessory chains. You will be amazed!
Girls Like Color: Pink and purple tend to dominate the junior sections of department stores for a reason; girls like them. But bright and happy colors in general are attractive to them. From purses to backpacks and pillows to comforters, color is the name of the game. Tie Dye kits, and craft kits that create something cute and colorful are a win-win.

Shopping for a girl can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the lifestyle. It is fast -paced, brightly-colored and yet calm and serene at the same time; a bit of an enigma. But, most girls will thank you heartily for any gift, and they will love ones that have been discovered using the above tips. Now go get ‘em!