Books for 11-12 Year Old Boys

Authors of books for 11 and 12 year old boys face a bit of an uphill challenge at the moment. In the past young boys loved to feast upon the knowledge contained within books. Nowadays it takes something incredibly special to pique their interest.

Young boys want to have a bit of excitement injected into their reading. They want to learn. They just do not want to do it in a boring way. For example, the Dangerous Book for Boys is packed to the brim with all sorts of facts that children need to know but it does it in an extremely exciting way (come on, the name is certain to grab the interest of ANY young boy!). So basically, you want to be on the look out for a book which will both excite and educate. There are a good number of books in these categories.

Of course, people do not want to be learning all of the time. They want a bit of fun too. So why not grab them a book on some of their favorite things? Perhaps a book on a hobby, maybe a movie that they have seen recently. We all know that superheroes are HUGE right now amongst boys. So why not pick up something akin to the Marvel Encyclopedia?

You could also look into the idea of grabbing a fairly challenging fiction book. Boys at this age are still developing their reading and creativity skills. A good fiction book can help with this. Don’t forget to buy something based about their interests!

Why not have a browse through this category now? No matter what the young lad is into, we are sure that you will be able to find something here that will grab his interest.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

by Hal Iggulden

The Dangerous Book for Boys

This very popular book, designed to encourage curiosity and adventure in boys, will encourage them away from their video games and cell phones to read amazing stories about famous battles, explorers, and heroes, and to learn all kinds of useful facts and skills, such as how to tie knots, how to make cloth fireproof, how to make an electromagnet, or how to write in invisible ink.

BUY The Dangerous Book for Boys

Marvel Encyclopedia

by DK Publishing

Marvel Encyclopedia

The definitive guide to the characters of the Marvel Universe – This beautifully illustrated book from DK contains more than 1,000 Marvel heroes and villains – from well-known characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and Wolverine to ones you may never have heard of.

BUY Marvel Encyclopedia

Deltora Quest Series

by Emily Rodda

This series by Emily Rodda was one which my son read several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. When I was speaking to my 11 year old friend, Elijah, just recently, he said that this series was still very popular amongst his friends. This is a great read for the boy who loves fun, action, and adventure.

Deltora Quest #1: Forests of SilenceDeltora Quest #1: Forests of SilenceBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #2: The Lake of TearsDeltora Quest #2: The Lake of TearsBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #3: City of the RatsDeltora Quest #3: City of the RatsBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #4: The Shifting SandsDeltora Quest #4: The Shifting SandsBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #5: Dread MountainDeltora Quest #5: Dread MountainBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #6: The Maze of the BeastDeltora Quest #6: Maze of the BeastBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #7: The Valley of the LostDeltora Quest #7: Valley of the LostBUY NOW

Deltora Quest #8: Return to DelDeltora Quest #8: Return to DelBUY NOW


The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

by John Flanagan

Another series recommended my friend, Elijah.

Book 1: The Ruins of GorlanBook 1: The Ruins of GorlanBUY NOW

Book 2: The Burning BridgeBook 2: The Burning BridgeBUY NOW

Book 3: The Icebound LandBook 3: The Icebound LandBUY NOW

Book 4: The Battle for SkandiaBook 4: The Battle for SkandiaBUY NOW

Book 5: Sorcerer of the NorthBook 5: Sorcerer of the NorthBUY NOW

Book 6: The Siege of MacindawBook 6: The Siege of MacindawBUY NOW

Book 7: Erak's RansomBook 7: Erak’s RansomBUY NOW

Book 8: Kings of ClonmelBook 8: Kings of ClonmelBUY NOW

Book 9:Halt's PerilBook 9:
Halt’s Peril

Book 10: The Emperor of Nihon-JaBook 10: The Emperor of Nihon-JaBUY NOW


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