Gifts For 11-12 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 11-12 Year Old BoysEleven or twelve is a great age for all kids. They are quite independent, but still very amenable to suggestions and recommendations. Even better, they often still do not mind doing things with their family, and they tend to want to please most people in their lives. So, buying presents for boys this age can be really fun.

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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gift for an 11 or 12 Year-old Boy

Insights that may help guide your selections:

  • Imagination: For most boys at this age, imagination runs rampant. You may discover that the boy you are buying for draws a lot, or reads comic books or loves Superheroes. This is because by this age, kids can think about the future in meaningful ways and they can apply ideas and events they have learned about to possible situations. They may have begun to apply math and science concepts to things in their life like controlling doors and light switches remotely. So, any gift that plays into this ability is likely to be a hit. Some ideas may be Legos, action figures, fantasy or science fiction books, role playing games (even as traditional as Charades), chemistry sets and craft sets.
  • Observation: For boys this age, their skills at observation are becoming quite refined. They enjoy solving more complex puzzles and problems, and they like to know that they are able to manipulate how others see events. Things like sophisticated magic tricks and other skills that involve sleight of hand are usually intriguing to them. They may have shown interest in outdoor survival and using a GPS or compass. Repairing and making things “better” can also be ways to use these observational skills. Games of strategy that they have played their whole lives, like Checkers, become games they are really good at because they understand how the rules used in one move, will affect future moves.
  • World Awareness Beyond Home: Around this age, boys become more aware that they are part of a larger world with differences and problems. Often, they are interested in becoming involved in communities of their own. Besides interacting in complicated peer groups and social situations, competitive activities become more attractive. They may want to join a team sport, or debate class. They may become more interested in entering contests of various kinds. Gifts that underscore competition include: board games with a world or community theme, games of skill like darts or horseshoes, complicated (but not too violent) video games, technological devices, GPS devices and puzzles.
  • Self –Identity: By this stage in their life, boys have made significant inroads creating and fostering their identity. It is important to be sensitive to this. Hair styles and clothing are the primary outward representation of this as well as strong interests in particular subjects or activities. Gifts that validate a boy’s identity are almost always a good bet. But if you do not know the person you are shopping for well, gifts like books with interest surveys, or stories with a boy as the protagonist may be good ideas. Movies and books about survival are also popular at this age.

The ages 11-12 is a fun age in many ways. Boys this age are old enough to participate in great activities. They have clear interests, bright eyes, and a positive outlook. If for some reason you feel that the person you are shopping for does not have clear cut interests yet, remember that the basic developmental stage characteristics will hold true no matter what. Find a gift that may open his eyes to something he does not know about yet. He will thank you for it and it may very well change his life.